Dr. Yasuo Kondo is a professor of Yamagata University in Yonezawa, Yamagata, Japan. He obtained his undergraduate degree (1981) and master degree (1983) in engineering from Osaka University in Suita, Osaka, Japan under the tutelage of the late Professor Tatsuichi Fukusako. He was immediately appointed as a research fellow at Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute upon receiving his M.A. degree. He conducted various research on nuclear technology for about 15 years. He received his Ph.D. in Engineering from Osaka University at Suita, Osaka, Japan in 1996 under the supervision of the Professor emeritus Chie Miyake. Yasuo Kondo was appointed to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tottori University in 1998 as an associated Professor. He was promoted to Full professor of Department of Mechanical System Engineering at Yamagata University in 2001. Yasuo Kondo has been challenging the research in a variety of fields. In his early career, he was involved in a large project for a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor. The high-temperature gas-cooled reactor that he has contributed to developing is currently in operation in Oarai-cho, Ibaraki in Japan. After transferring to Tottori University in 1998, he began research that would contribute to a sustainable society. The zero-emission type technology, in which only oil is separated from the water-soluble cutting fluid being used in machining and the isolated oil is reused for water-soluble cutting fluid, has been registered as a patented technology in Japan. He has also been working for many years on monitoring systems for in-process sensing of tool wear and degradation of water-soluble cutting fluid. He has received requests to speak about this research at various international conferences around the world. However, he has rejected many of these requests because he is not very good at getting money for his research. It is a great pity. In recent years, he has also developed research in response to industry 4.0. The main focus is on the digitization of manual work. Digitization of manual operations not only creates innovative technologies that have not been noticed before but can also be useful in the training of workers’ skills. The study, A study on new machining method applied to a collaborative robot for drilling, which focused on digitizing manual hole drilling, resulted in the ISSN Award 2022 (International best researcher award). This is the second time he has received a major Award since receiving the Atomic Energy Society of Japan Award in 1994. Yasuo Kondo is not only a researcher but also a considerable exercise geek. He goes to a gym every day and strengthens his inner muscles through aerobic exercises and other activities. His secret pride is said to be his ripped abs.

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