ISSN Awards is an indicator of success that enhances the reputation and improves the benchmark of researchers and professionals from various fields. ISSN Awards is a matter of pride and motivation that raises the visibility of the success. The Certificate, Memento and Photograph will be a testimony. Further, this recognition is an additional proof of hard work and achievements that must be globally accessible for researchers and hence will be available online 24/7. Also, this kind of sharing information is a professionalism and will increase the credibility. Hence We create an Exclusive Webpage for the Winner.

  • It brings researchers online by the very objective of building community around a subject, having a positive social impact.
  • It is also possible to go beyond engaging the attendees through online contests and reach out to ensure surrounding communities, staff and other stakeholders benefit from it.
  • Participating in ISSN Awards will be a novel learning/social experience in addition to the conventional enjoyment, memorable recreation etc.
  • The energy of like minded individuals can find experts & influencers in the network.
  • New Tools & Greater Focus.
  • Learning beyond a field or interest.
  • Networking – The ability to promote ideas and get immediate feedback from credible individuals.


A proud winner’s kit consists of the following essentials:

          • Award Plaque
          • Achievement Medal
          • Winner’s Badge
          • Achievement Trophy
          • Research Bureau Veritas Certification
          • Bonafide Letter
          • News release on award winning
          • Winner’s showcase in our website
          • Award Receiving Glimpse
          • Networking Dinner


          • Dean, Professors, Educationalists
          • Academicians & Lecturers
          • Researchers, Scholars
          • Industrialists, Paraprofessionals
          • Scientist, Scientific officer
          • Journals, Publisher, Authors
          • Doctors, Engineers
          • UG/ PG Students [who are entitled with research]



Step – 1: The Nominee has to fill the registration form and upload the necessary things as required.

Step- 2: The Nominee has to send his/ her updated resume and scanned copy of institution Identity card through email to (A bonafide letter from your institution can be sent in case of absence of Identity card)

Step – 3: Nomination papers will be reviewed in the screening process (preliminary selection)

Step – 4: Acknowledgement intimation will be communicated to the Nominee.

Step – 5: ISSN Team may ask the proof for the credits mentioned in the Curriculum Vitae. (Optional)

Step – 6: Cross verification of the data submitted.

Step – 7: The selected nominees will be communicated via email.

Step – 8: Registration fee should be done by the nominee on or after receiving our selection confirmation email for the benefits and services provided by us.

Step – 9: A call letter against the winning of award will be sent to the winner after making registration fee.

Step – 10: Benefits will be covered.

Step – 11: Award Ceremony.

Step – 12: Exclusive Webpage for the Award Winner Profile will be released and other ads-on services like news release will be done.

Selection Criteria

The ISSN Award is given to individuals who have made a significant contribution to knowledge or academic excellence. This contribution could be a long-term, cumulative contribution or a single, particularly insightful idea, experiment, application or interpretation.

The selection committee may consider the following criteria in selecting the recipient:

      • In general, the candidate should have already published work which is widely recognized.
      • Demonstrated excellence in research, scholarly work.
      • Recognition by professional societies, community organizations or other external bodies.
      • Contributions to the research environment both locally, nationally, and internationally.
      • Contributions to the training and education.
      • Promise a substantial impact not only on their research community.
      • The technical soundness of the proposed approach.
      • The proposer’s recent research performance.
      • On the basis of new discoveries or fundamental advances within its field of science and engineering.
      • Contribute to the basis for new or improved technology or solution of societal problems.
      • To have better understanding or improvement of the quality, distribution, or effectiveness.
      • Terms of the clarity of the aims, the significance of the problem, and the adequacy of the methods and procedures for achieving the aims.
      • Will consider the feasibility of the proposed research.
      • Are the proposed research question, design, and methodology of significant scientific and technical merit?
      • Is the plan for developing/enhancing the Nominee’s research skills appropriate and adequate?
      • A sustained record of research publications in peer-reviewed journals, research monographs, and/or research-oriented texts.
      • Publication awards or other forms of honorary recognition.
      • Publications by others in the field that make substantial use of the nominee’s publications.
      • Substantial positive impact on the field.
      • Record of presenting at national and/or international conferences.


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