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Frequently Asked Questions

International Society for Scientific Network (ISSN) Awards is a token of appreciation and honor for the one who have reached milestone in research, academics and scientific assessments.
  • Academicians,
  • Dean,
  • Professors,
  • Lecturers,
  • Researchers,
  • Paraprofessionals,
  • Industrialists,
  • Scientific officer,
  • Scientist,
  • Journals,
  • Publisher,
  • Scholars,
  • Authors,
  • Doctors,
  • Engineers,
  • Students [Only those who have entitled with research]
  • We create an Exclusive Webpage for the Winner.
  • It brings researchers online by the very objective of building community around a subject, having a positive social impact.
  • It is also possible to go beyond engaging the attendees through online contests and reach out to ensure surrounding communities, staff and other stakeholders benefit from it.
  • Participating in ISSN Awards will be a novel learning/social experience in addition to the conventional enjoyment, memorable recreation etc.
  • The energy of like minded individuals can find experts & influencers in the network.
  • New Tools & Greater Focus.
  • Learning beyond a field or interest.
  • Networking – The ability to promote ideas and get immediate feedback from credible individuals.
  • PROCESSES / STEPS INVOLVED: Step – 1: The Nominee has to fill the registration form and upload the necessary things as required. Step- 2: The Nominee has to send his/ her updated resume and scanned copy of institution Identity card through email to (A bonafide letter from your institution can be sent in case of absence of Identity card) Step – 3: Nomination papers will be reviewed in the screening process (preliminary selection) Step – 4: Acknowledgement intimation will be communicated to the Nominee. Step – 5: ISSN Team may ask the proof for the credits mentioned in the Curriculum Vitae. (Optional) Step – 6: Cross verification of the data submitted. Step – 7: The selected nominees will be communicated via email. Step – 8: Registration fee should be done by the nominee on or after receiving our selection confirmation email for the benefits and services provided by us. Step – 9: A call letter against the winning of award will be sent to the winner after making registration fee. Step – 10: Benefits will be covered. Step – 11: Award Ceremony Step – 12: Exclusive Webpage for the Award Winner Profile will be released and other ads-on services like news release will be done.
ISSN Awards is associated with
  • World Research Council (
  • United Medical Council (
  • Z24 News (

A proud winner's kit consists of the following essentials:

          • Award Plaque

          • Achievement Medal

          • Winner's Badge

          • Achievement Trophy

          • Research Bureau Veritas Certification

          • Bonafide Letter by Research Confederation

          • News release on award winning

          • Winner's showcase in our website

          • Award Receiving Glimpse

          • Networking Dinner

The conference fee is for organizing, servicing, the banquet, benefits and other paid services.
  • Delegate fee can be paid through IMPS, NEFT, Direct bank deposit to the bank.
  • The fee can also be paid through Paypal or western union on special request through email.
  • Payment can also be done through paytm or google pay for which the wallet number can be given on request in email.
No, We are sorry that the delegate fee is the same and there is no concession in case of presence or absence.
The guest pass fee is 1,500 INR or 30 USD
If you are unable to attend the award function due to some reasons after confirming your delegate fee, your award kit and other essentials will be sent to your registered address through courier. We do not collect extra charges for courier.
No, the delegate fee does not include personal expense, travel expense, boarding or lodging.
Yes, those who are presenting their research or scientific work, will get the certificate of merit for the respective presentation in addition to the award certificate.
  • Yes, the awardees can present a research or science work.
  • Presentation time is 5mins and 2mins for queries.
  • However, the presentation is not compulsory for all the awardees. Interested and willing candidate can take part in the presentation.
  • Best honorable Places to Work
  • Get an Edge Up benefits of increased awareness & leadership
  • Boost Morale recognition from an outside source that will spur even more impact than internal recognition.
  • Attractive Talent to potential hires
  • Free Publicity and new connections, helps in increasing your visibility
  • Go for Quality not Quantity
  • Reinforce Corporate Professional and Scientific Direction 
  • Choose Scientific & Research Industry-Specific Awards
  • Focus on Your Strengths to give your profile a better chance of  reputation everywhere
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