Sheshideep Reddy Parwath, is a Doctor and a Soldier with high spirited passion hailing from Hyderabad, capital city of Telangana, the youngest state in India. He had done his schooling at his native place and graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru in 2011. He has been an athlete since his schooling and also participated in various sports events at State and National Level in multiple disciplines. Being a son of a teacher he was always told about pursuing noble profession which made him choose THE ARMED FORCES MEDICAL SERVICES. Dr Reddy with immense pride also shares that he is one among the very few officers who have had the privilege and honour of serving in all three services (Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy). Dr Reddy has done his Post Graduation in Aerospace Medicine from Institute of Aerospace Medicine, the only institute that conducts Doctor of Medicine (MD) course not only in India but also in South-East Asia. As an Aerospace Medicine Specialist, he has the experience of working in one of the largest airbases in India and has immensely contributed to the field of Aerospace Medicine by training the aircrew in tackling the challenges in arduous conditions in aviation. He has a special interest and possesses inquisitiveness towards research analysis and Aircraft Accident Investigation which helped him in winning the prestigious “International Best Researcher Award” in the field of Aerospace Medicine conferred by IIRAC. He also earned an MBA degree in Hospital Administration from ICFAI University. There is no need to mention about the challenges that one faces during the service in uniform and Dr Reddy is glad that he had been successful in taking all the challenges on both personal and professional fronts which changed him for the better. He believes that every task that is successfully finished is an achievement while any work that one has failed in completing is a lesson. Being an occupational health care provider Dr Reddy values healthy lifestyle for all more than providing best health care. He strongly believes that by adopting natural farming methods and minimal physical fitness routine most of the lifestyle diseases may be avoided. He aspires to switch his profession from being a soldier to becoming a farmer post retirement. “Jai Jawan! Jai Kisan!” He expresses his gratitude to the almighty for blessing him with best of the opportunities. He is also grateful to his family and to each and every individual who is part of this journey.