International Best Innovation Award for the Research & Excellence in Antioxidant and Vitamin E

My childhood and education was in a small village in vicinity of Ahmednagar district. Post studies had an opportunity to work with TATA Chemicals Innovation Centre, where I was given an opportunity to establish the TATA Innovation Center for Research & Development in Pune. On completion, it was inaugurated by Mr. Ratan Tata. During my stint, I worked under Dr. Murali Sastry which broadened my horizon and added a new zeal of innovation in me. Entrepreneurship always fascinated me and I began exploring different opportunities for my entrepreneurship plunge. This is where I came across Oil and Fat based Nutrition and opportunities. Tocotrienol being one of them kindled my interest as it was very less explored. Our further search on it revealed the immense potential which led to start of Orah Nutrichem Pvt Ltd. Even before starting a company we had started research since 2014. With almost 5 years of intense research we could commercialize the product into cosmetics, food and Nutraceuticals. In each of the above areas we identified a problem statement and tried to work on solutions Cosmetics – dearth of potent Natural anti-oxidants due to which synthetic anti-oxidants were being used. We could successfully launch a products that is now widely accepted. Milk – longetivity of shelf life for raw and processed milk – trials are successful and product has moved towards commercialization – Patent applied for Food – Water Soluble Vitamin E – Product successful – commercialization underway Orah Nutrichem works on Values of Ethics, Innovation, Collaboration, Integrity and Care and we follow it in action in our day to day routine. We believe that the best nutrition comes from Nature. With this in mind we also have another company Sengee Biochem Exim Pvt Ltd that works in manufacturing and distribution of healthy food products.