“International Millennium Research Award” in the fields of Pure Mathematics & Theoretical Physics

Pediredla Suhaas is a pure mathematician and theoretical physicist who conducts heavy research in the fields of pure mathematics and theoretical physics. He has authored and published a total of more than 10 international mathematics and physics research papers. At the age of 15, he invented and proved a mathematical paradox, known as the “Suhaas Paradox” (which is named after him as an honor), in 4 sequential research papers published by the publisher Elsevier BV. At the age of 16, he published 3 more papers, in one of which he proposed a complete mathematical proof and solution to the “Riemann Hypothesis” (a 164-year-old unsolved problem, widely considered to be the greatest unsolved mathematical problem in the world and one of the Millennium Problems), while in the other paper, he proposed complete proofs and solutions to all the 7 “Millennium Problems” (the top 7 greatest unsolved mathematical problems in the world, for which the Clay Mathematics Institute pledged a $1 million prize for the first correct solution to each problem) using physics. In his third paper, he proposed a new complete theory on the existence and nature of black holes, white holes, and wormholes, which he invented when he was just 14 years old. At the age of 17, he published a research paper in which he invented and proved 32 new trigonometric theorems. Also, he published a research paper in which he proposed a complete solution to the time travel paradox. After that, he published another research paper in which he invented and proved the most advanced and complex generalizations of the Riemann zeta function, Dirichlet eta function, and Bernoulli numbers. He later published another paper in which he discussed and explained the classical ways of deriving and proving Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2. He received appreciation and offers from many researchers and publishers for his research. He won the “International Best Researcher Award” at IISTAC 2022 in the fields of pure mathematics and theoretical physics. He was honored with a lifetime membership in the World Research Council. He also won the prestigious “Indian Achievers’ Award” in recognition for his outstanding achievements and contributions toward nation-building. He won the prestigious “Global Kids Achievers Award 2022” (given to the top 100 child prodigies in the world) in the field of intelligence and got his name published in 50+ national and international news media like ANI, The Print, Hindustan Times, Zee5 News, etc. He also won the “Super Talented Kid Award (One in a Million)” and the “Star Kid Award” under the title “Super Genius Kid” for his intelligence and excellence in the field of academics. He received an appreciation letter from the World Book of Records, as they were greatly inspired by his achievements and contributions. He holds 9 world records in the International Book of Records and nearly 300 awards and honors in the fields of mathematics, science, and technology. He scored an IQ of 153 (out of a maximum possible score of 160) in a certified IQ test at the age of 16. He has nearly 48 professional certifications and specializations from top American and international universities like Harvard University, Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), etc. He represented India and won a total of 15 gold, 8 silver, and 9 bronze medals in international and national mathematics, science, and computer science Olympiads.