International Golden Research Award in Information Technology and Healthcare

Nasmin Jiwani is an accomplished Research Scientist at the University of The Cumberlands, with 12+ years of IT experience. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business Management, a certification from the University of California San Diego, and two master’s degrees in MSIT and Project Management with honors. Her Ph.D. focused on AI-induced machine learning models for cardiac disease evaluation. Nasmin’s passion for healthcare is evident through her research on leukemia, diabetes, COVID-19, sudden infant death syndromes, and heart conditions. She has published in renowned journals and received numerous accolades. Nasmin’s calm demeanor, strategic thinking, and problem-solving abilities have made her a valued team player. She has collaborated with leading life science companies on clinical trial research and development. With her IT expertise and healthcare knowledge, she implements her research at Viatris Pharmaceutical (formerly Pfizer) to improve drug trials using machine learning and IT applications. Nasmin aims to continue her research on human development and safety in the face of environmental threats. Her exceptional work and dedication make her a respected professional in the field.