” INTERNATIONAL BEST RESEARCHER AWARD “ in computer science engineering.

Life is a journey filled with experiences just like the sky is filled with stars. I am Kunal Singla, age 18 years, from the town Hisar in Haryana. I am a B.E CSE 2nd year student from the very esteemed institution Chandigarh University. Being from a middle-class family I always have this urge to do something big that would make my near and dear ones proud and most importantly make me more confident and successful. I believe we should have a positive attitude toward life. Being an optimistic person is very important, that way we can make the best out of every situation. I have always been judged on the basis of my age, and mostly in a positive way because of the achievements that I have bagged at just 18. I have experience in working with an International Organization named IEEE CUSB. I was also a winner at an event by the Haam Community. I was also the Campus Ambassador in a few organizations. I have won 3 renowned awards 1. Best International Researcher Award by ISSN. 2. International Best Researcher by I20R, 3. Best Young Researcher Award by GECL awards. Other than these, I have published 5 research papers, 2 in the publishing stage. I have a great interest in cyber security, especially in the field of cybercrime analysis and prevention. I am fascinated by how technology can help us in times of emergency and currently I am working on a project which will enable people to get safety with the help of their voice, physical presence or touch need not be necessary to get access to it. I have experience in blockchain and how it will affect the new era of smart contracts. I am always open to working in new fields. I have good managerial skills and the characteristics of being a good leader. I believe hard work and strong support are the keys to success. Whatever I am today or I am shaping up into is partly because of the support I get from my family and friends, and my will to reach the greatest heights in life.