International best researcher award 2023

Educational Qualifications – I completed my BAMS degree from Rajkeeya Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Varanasi.Thereafter I completed my M.S. degree from Banglore, Karnataka. also Yoga course from B.H.U, Varanasi. Papers presented in various Conferences and Seminars- 1. APNA international Conference, Lucknow , February 2014 on “ Critical Analysis of APLA Syndrome” 2. Prajatha International Conference Udupi, April 2014 on “Critical Analysis of SUTIKA PARICHARYA” 3. National Seminar in Pune, February 2015 on “A pilot study on Nashtartava ie. ANOVULATION and its Management with SWARNAKSHIRI” 4. National Seminar in Koppal, July 2015 on “THYROID verses PCOS ” 5. APNA international Conference, Lucknow , February 2016 on “ EFFECT OF PUNARNAVA CHOORNA AND AMALAKI CHOORNA IN THE MANAGEMENT OF GARBHINI PANDU W.S.R TO ANAEMIA IN PREGNANCY.” TITLE OF THESIS Approved by RUGHS BANGALORE -“A COMPARATIVE CLINICAL STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF PUNARNAVA CHOORNA AND AMALAKI CHOORNA IN THE MANAGEMENT OF GARBHINI PANDU W.S.R TO ANAEMIA IN PREGNANCY.” Practical Experience- 1. Pre-Conceptional Pumsavana using Vata sunga and Eshwarlingi seeds for Garbha sthapana. 2. Vamana in Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome in females. 3. Management of one degree stri garbhashaya bhramsha using Kalaajaji churna and Lajawanti leaves with perineal exercises. 4. Management of Inferlity by Vamana to female and Virechana to male. 5. Uttarbasti with Phalasarpi in infertility caused due to uterine anomalies(blocked fallopian tubes). 6. IUI(Intra uterine inseminisation ) in infertile couple. Presently working as Assistant Professor in DR Vijay Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Varanasi, UP, INDIA PLEASE PROVIDE AN ABSTRACT OF YOUR PROPOSED TOPIC. (ABOUT 100 – 150 WORDS) Coronavirus was first seen in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, China on 31st December 2019 causing acute respiratory disease. In the end of year 2019, there were lots of cases of Pneumonia in China. Investigations revealed that it was caused by previously unknown virus. This virus consists of a genetic material enveloped by a covering with protein spikes. These protein spikes give an appearance of a crown, and thus named corona virus. Now it is known as 2019 Novel Corona virus. The disease caused by this virus is named as COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease- 19). As we are well aware of Corona virus disease (COVID-19); it is a worldwide epidemic(Pandemic). People are in a panic; schools are closed, roads are closed, cities are closed and everybody has to stay in their homes with their family. In many countries there is a condition of lockdown. Hence it is a very critical time. Acharya Charaka described Janpadodhvamsa in Charaka Samhita, Volume -1, Vimana sthana and in it, there is a chapter called “Janapadoddhwamsaneeyam vimanam”, which refers to world-wide epidemics or pandemic. Here Acharya Charaka says this is a great opportunity to stay at home