Dr. Bindu Roy following her Ph. D. from the Bharathidasan University joined Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII) as a Post-doctoral Research Associate in 2000 in the Genome Analysis Laboratory and later moved to the Plant Pathology Division of RRII in 2004 and has been Senior Scientist since 2010. Dr. Roy’s thrust areas of research are deciphering molecular basis of disease tolerance to understand genes/ factors controlling host tolerance; mapping of quantitative trait loci; molecular breeding for disease resistance; molecular systematics and phylogenetics of fungal pathogens; transcriptomics and genomics.
Dr. Roy was a Visiting Scientist in the University of California, Riverside, USA during 2007-2008. She was conferred the Australian Leadership Award Fellowship of the Australian Govt. and worked in the University of Sydney, Australia during 2012-2013. Dr. Roy was also an Australian Endeavour Fellow of the Australian Govt. and worked in the University of Adelaide,  Australia during 2017-2018.
Dr. Roy has been conferred with several awards in recognition to her research contributions. To name a few she was awarded (i) Dr. C. S. Venkata Ram Memorial Award of the Indian Society for Plantation Crops; (ii) Prof. M. N. Kamat Merit Award of the Indian Phytopathological Society; (iii) G.D. Verma Best Woman Scientist Award of the Indian Society for Mycology and Plant Pathology (twice); (iv) Dr. Narasimha Swamy Memorial Award of the Indian Society of Plantation Crops and the (v) International Research Leadership Award (RuLa Award) of the World Research Council. She has over 60 research papers in national and international journals, has been an editor/ associate editor of eight books, has over 80 conference papers and over 200 fungal and Hevea microsatellite genomic sequences submitted to the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI).