I am a PhD student in the state key lab of rail traffic control and safety, and my major is safety engineering. My main focus is to analyze the ability (e.g., the reliability, the robustness, and the
resilience) against random failures and intentional attacks in complex networks and the dynamics of complex systems (e.g., the cascading failure and the failure propagation) using the complex
network theory. I have published several articles in high-quality journals including Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications and Europhysics Letters, and
some international conference papers. Based on heuristic approaches (including the genetic algorithm, the simulated annealing, and so on) and evolution simulations, I will investigate the optimization of the robustness and the resilience from two aspects, i.e., the topology structure and the characteristics of nodes and edges in future works. In addition, I also intend to develop more practical models aimed at a mechatronic system, and apply theory frameworks mentioned above to the assessment and the optimization of the robustness and the resilience for a high-speed train.