Prof Dr Sunil Jain A graduate and postgraduate from the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College India. Florid experience fruitful of 33+ years, serving children all over India, including difficult terrains and difficult times. Oxford University Press, Great Britain, Medical Editors Competition winning in 1996 set the stage for academic advancements wonderful and worldwide. Honours / Awards & Fellowships for Outstanding Work International 1. ‘Best Paediatrician in India’ Global Healthcare Achievement Awards 2023, The TopGallant Foundation. 2. Lifetime Achievement Award: International Scientist Awards on Engineering, Science and Medicine, VDGOOD Professional Association 2020 3. ‘Certificate of Honour’ International Epidemiological Association SE Asia Congress of Epidemiology 2002, for Research: Childhood Urinary Tract Infections 4. Oxford University Press (UK) Medical Editors Competition prize winner 1995 National 1. ‘Most Trusted Paediatrician of Year 2022’ Atal Achievement Awards 2022, The Topnotch Foundation 2. Certificate of Appreciation “COVID TIMES: Salutation for tireless efforts, dedication, selflessness, courage, & commitment” Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) Northern Command 2020 3. ‘MindApple’ Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) The National Essay Competition 2006 First prize: “Infant development: touch & massage influence” 4. Second prize: “Childhood entertainment: avenues, analysis, & orderly application” 5. ‘MindApple’ IAP 2005 First prize: “Can mobile phones revolutionize medical practice?” 6. The Economic Times Public Face-Off Contest 2006 “Where does the Private sector fit in Healthcare delivery” 7. IAP 1997 First prize Research “PEFR in Asthma” 8. ‘Merit Certificate’ IAP Paediatrics Quiz 1988 Research Contributions Worldwide (i) NEJM Catalyst Insights Council member (ii) Springer Nature Reviewer: International Breast-Feeding Journal Indian J Surgery (iii) Editorial Board Member 2022-2025 World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics NLM Id: 101627548. ORCID: 0000-0002-3935-9243 Prem Kamal Jain B. TECH Scholar (Computer Science & Biosciences) Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi. Special interests in Technology applications for tactful advancements for all, in multifaceted ways. AWARDS / ACHIEVEMENTS 1. AIR 31 (College Rank 1): ICPC Amritapuri 2022 Qualifier Round; selected for Regionals 2. Global Rank 1, March Long One 2022, Codechef. 3. Global Rank 2989, Qualified for 3ed level screening, 2022 Meta Hacker Cup. 4. 2nd Rank, ProSot[102] Jr., FooBar Club, 2025 batch, IIIT Delhi. 5. Codechef Rating, Maximum 1607. 6. Codeforces Rating, Maximum of 1548(Specialist). 7. AIR 7593: Qualified JEE-Main exam with All India Rank-7593 amongst 1.2 million aspirants. POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY – Competitive Programming Group, FooBar-IIIT Delhi (Aug,22– Present) – Hardware enthusiasts Group, Electroholics Club-IIIT Delhi (Oct,22 –Present) PROJECTS 1. Applications of Genetic Algorithms Solution using complex multivariable mathematical equations, the concept of natural evolution in time efficient manner. 2. Tank Stars Created desktop version of the well-liked game, using Object-Oriented Programming. 3. Simple Assembler and Simulator Obviating any illegal instruction 4. Research Paper Recommendation System Including text summarization, using tf-idf and Graph Centrality Scores.