For the research “How to realize the effect of Kundalini yoga and Chinese Chi meditation on the HRV and ANS with GAN architecture? ‘HRV-GAN’: An alternative approach” under the title, “INTERNATIONAL BEST RESEARCHER AWARD”

Currently I am an under-graduate student. My list of industrial experience started when I was a student of class 9, with a workshop offered by Times of India, which permitted only two selected students of certain schools. After that, in my college days, I have built myself as team-player and have participated in various research works and conferences together. Being the chairperson of IEEE GRSS Student chapter, Kolkata, I have also hosted some workshops. I have presented papers in several national conferences and have published papers in journals like Elsevier as well. I have also done certain internships to understands the work culture in a better way. Moreover, being the Class Representative and Departmental Representative I have also hosted many other programs in my college and have successfully honed my leadership qualities as well effective communication skills.