Shambhavi Yadav

Shambhavi Yadav from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India is sophomore at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi. As a sprouting Political Scientist, Public Policy, Indian Polity, Comparative Politics, Religiosity in Politics and Environmental politics constitute her research interest. Shambhavi is an accredited researcher of online research publishing platform, “ResearchGate.”
Shambhavi bagged commendation certificate from Central Board of Secondary Education for her exceptional academic performance in senior secondary examination.
Shambhavi is an amateur writer and has a number of anthological works titled “Why”, “Reviver”, “Image Perception”, “Diversity”, to name a few and some literary titles to her credit. She aced poetry competition conducted by Ritva Foundation, an NGO associated with the UN for promoting sustainable menstruation. Shambhavi has been recognized among top 25 poets of India by Super7, a Government of India accredited platform.
Shambhavi is also engaged in social service as National Service Scheme volunteer. As a volunteer she teaches children associated with The Khushbu Project, a Delhi based NGO. She is also working towards Women Empowerment in the capacity of Research Team Head of Women Development Cell, LSR. Shambhavi is also active in student politics being a member of Students’ Federation of India, Delhi. She has founded a youth organisation, “United for Humanity” for supporting those who are suffering due to the unprecedented health crisis of COVID-19.
Shambhavi believes that divine grace and her family’s support has made her what she is today. Shambhavi credits her father for imbuing her with value of dedication and perseverance. She believes her mother’s caring and kind nature moulded her as an empathic human. Over and above all, she thanks her sisters for being constant companion.
Working in social interest is Shambhavi’s lifeblood. In this spirit she aspires to become a Human Rights Lawyer and Civil-Servant, adopting service to the society as her profession.