In 1994, Prof. Emad Aly graduated with first honors and excellent degrees from the Department
of Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University (ASU) in Egypt. From the same
university, he then obtained two degrees of a General and Specialized Diploma in Applied
Mathematics with excellent degrees in both. As a result, he was top of the class of postgraduates
(years: 1995-1996). In 1999, ASU honorably awarded Emad a M.Sc. in Heat and Mass Transfer.
In 2003, Emad was rewarded a scholarship from King Faisal Foundation (SA), Leeds University
(UK) and Royal Society of London in order to continue his studies of a second M.Sc. in
Computational Fluid Mechanics. From there, he obtained a Ph.D. studentship from
Loughborough University (UK) in Applied Mathematics for Engineering, Modelling the
Behaviour of Cooling Tower, and completed it in 2007. In the same year, Emad received a
Postdoctoral Research Associate from Loughborough University in modeling for Chemical
Engineering and successfully handled this project before the official deadline. Dr. Aly was
recently given two full professorship promotions, one from the Supreme Council of Universities
(Egypt) in 2019 and another by the Promotions Committee at University of Jeddah (Saudi
Arabia) in 2020. Prof. Aly's main interests lie in the Mechanics of Nanofluids and their
applications. He has worked and continues to work, in close collaboration with scientists from all
over the world: India, UK, Romania, USA, France, Switzerland, Pakistan, KSA, and Egypt. In
addition to his thirty-five years of teaching experience in most mathematical subjects across
various universities, Prof. Aly also acts as a certified professional trainer for developing the
capabilities of faculty members and leaders. He now works in ASU and UJ, supporting about
2,300 students daily via MyLab Mastering at Pearson. Finally, reading in Human Resources is
the preferred hobby for Prof. Aly.