“INTERNATIONAL BEST RESEARCHER AWARD” Indigenously developed CuO/TiO2 coated ceramic ultrafiltration membrane for removal of emerging contaminants like phthalates and parabens: Toxicity evaluation in PA-1 cell line”

I have completed my PhD in Environmental Science from University of Calcutta. I have 2 years of post doctoral experience and currently working as Women’s Scientist funded by DST at Jadavpur University. I have more than 14 years of working experience in field of environment of which 11 years in field of research. My area of research was combination process involving biosorption integrated with ceramic membrane based filtration is proposed for treatment of higher loading wastewater. The biosorbents were derived from waste biomass. For membrane filtration, clay-alumina based ceramic microfiltration/ ultrafiltration membrane indigenously developed at CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute was used. The combination mode of treatment was employed for various types of industrial effluent, viz. domestic wastewater, wastewater from tannery, textile, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. In addition, recycling potential of the treated wastewater was explored in industrial/ agricultural reuse. The efficiency of the treatment process was evaluated by analyzing the environmental impacts of the untreated and treated effluent considering different plant and animal models as biomarkers. Apart from these work, my research also involves in use of microalgae for wastewater remediation for biodiesel production, biodegradation of PPCPs components, green synthesis of metal nanoparticles and observing effects on different cell lines. I have around 28 research publications in reputed Journals of high impact factor. Presently involved in pilot scale remediation of PPCP’s compounds using membrane coated with green synthesized metal oxide nanoparticles.