Ms. Priyanka Priyadarsini Singh was born in the year of 1998 at Anandapur village belong to Keonjhar district of Odisha, India. Her parents are Smt. Sasmita Singh and Sri. Pradeep Kumar Singh. She has completed her primary and high school education from Cambridge School, Cuttack. After passing intermediate studies from Christ College, Cuttack with first class she has chosen to study B. Sc. (Physics) in Christ College, Cuttack. She has completed her Bachelor of Science degree in 2018 with first class in Physics honors with distinction. She has completed her Master of Science degree in 2020 from SOA University with condensed matter physics as specialization and secured first class with distinction. In the year 2020 she was appointed as Project fellow by Planning and convergence department, Govt. of Odisha at VSSUT. She took admission in Ph. D. (Physics) in 2021 at VSSUT, Burla, Sambalpur. She is working in the field of material science under the supervision of Prof. Ganeswar Nath, Professor of Physics, VSSUT, Burla. She has participated in 4 international conferences, 1 webinar. She has delivered 4 oral presentations in various international conferences. Her research work has been published in 7 journal papers, 2 conference proceeding. She is holding an Indian patent with India Patent Journal No. 44/2022. She is the winner of “Young Researcher Award 2022” by InSc. List of journals and conference proceedings Singh P & Nath G, Laser induced surface analysis of acoustic materials for noise reduction, Laser Physics, 31(2021) 076002. Singh P & Nath G, Noise Reduction Analysis through Biomaterial Based Acoustic Material, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, 59(2021) 429. Singh P & Nath G, Synthesis and Analysis of Biomass based Green Acoustic Shielding Material, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 80(2021) 630. Singh P & Nath G, Development of Sustainable Thermo Acoustic Material from Residual Organic Wastes, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 81(2022) 215. Singh P & Nath G, Effect of Interfacial Roughness on Mechanical and Thermo-Acoustic Behavior of Corn Husk Fiber, Journal of Natural Fibers,(2022) 1. Singh P & Nath G, Fabrication and analysis of luffa natural fiber based acoustic shielding material for noise reduction, Journal of Natural Fibers,(2022) 1. Singh P & Nath G, Ultrasonic Processing and Thermo-acoustic Analysis of Orange Peel Waste as Smart Acoustic Material: Waste and Biomass Valorization, Waste and Biomass Valorization, 13(2022) 1. Singh P & Nath G, Smart Sound Absorbing Material for Environmental Noise Reduction, International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology, 8(2021) 353. Singh P & Nath G, Ultrasonic processing of effective graded acoustic material, Materials Today: Proceedings, 62(2022). Patent Singh P & Nath G, vetiver root based sustainable ecofriendly electro-acoustic stealth material, 44/2022, Sambalpur (2022).