PABLO CAMPOS, PhD Architect, PhD in Education, is an Academic of the Spanish Royal Academy of Doctors, and Full Professor of Architectural Composition–Universidad CEU-San
Pablo (Spain)
He has written 16 books about University Architecture, together with a large number of articles in international Reviews, such as: International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction-IJDRR (article title: “Resilience, education and architecture: the proactive and “educational” dimensions of the spaces of formation”); Space and Culture-SAGE Journals; Society for College and University Planning; CELE-Exchange-Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD); International Association of Universities (UNESCO), CIAN-University Carlos III (Madrid); Arquitectura COAM; Urbanismo-COAM, and AULA-University of Salamanca, amongst others. His book “The Journey of Utopia-The story of the first American style campus in Europe” (Novascience, NY, USA, 2006), was granted the International Awards “Vitruvio Award” and “City Council of Madrid Research Award”. In 2010, 2012 and 2018 he received the Research Awards “Ángel Herrera” for his books “Spain-Campus of International Excellence” (Ministry of Education), “Identity, Innovation and Environment at Spanish Universities” (Ministry of Education), and “Architecture, Urbanism and Education” (Foundation SM); his last book is “Campus-Galicia” (Royal Academy of Doctors, 2020). Dr. Campos has been a speaker at several Institutions: Stanford, UCLA, Columbia, Virginia, UIC-Chicago, New York University, Harvard (Royal Complutense College), NYCC-Technology, Pittsburgh, Washington&Jefferson College, NJIT (USA), McGill (Montreal), TEC-Monterrey (Mexico), CULS (Czech R.); Sapienza (Italy), Porto, TU-Delft (Holland), Belgrade, Niš (Serbia), Ministry of Education (Bhutan), Athens (Greece), UAZ (Mexico), Latvia (Latvia), Aalto University (Finland), IST (Portugal), Cervantes Institutes (Lisbon, Utrecht), or the American Institute of
Architects (USA).
Professor Campos is the author of the concept of “Educational Campus” for the innovation of university campuses. He has been a consultant to the Ministry of Education in Spain for the Program “Campus of International Excellence” (2008-2011).
Since 1990 he has designed university spaces: Master Plan for the National University of Education-UNAE (Ecuador); Strategic Plan University of Málaga; Strategic Plan University of Girona; Strategic Plan (University Laguna); Master Plan (University Alcalá); Sustainable Campus (Madrid) (International Merit Award 2008); Strategic Plan (University Castilla-La Mancha); Report about the Master Plan of University Misratah (Lybia); Master Plan (University of A Coruña); Strategic Plan CEU-Alma Mater XXI; Master Plan Villamayor campus (University Salamanca), Honor Award in 2005 “DesignShare-The International Forum for Innovative Schools” (USA).
In 2012, Dr.Campos was recipient of the International “Education Leadership Award”, given by the World Education Congress in Mumbai (India)