Dr. Nuria Viejo-Fernández is lecturer at University of Oviedo (Spain) in the field of marketing, mainly related to omni-channel strategy, and webrooming and showrooming consumer behaviours. Her teaching career began in the academic year 2015/2016, teaching and coordinating more than 14 different subjects in various Degrees such as Business Administration and Management, Commerce and Marketing, Accounting and Finance,
Management and Public Administration, and Double Degree in Business Administration and Law. As regards her activity as a researcher, she contributes the following articles to prestigious
journals and publishing company (KRK Ed.):
 Webroomers versus showroomers: Are they the same? (2018). Journal of Business Research, 92, 300-320.
 Different kinds of research shoppers, different cognitive affective consequences (2019).
Spanish Journal of Marketing−ESIC, 23(1), 45-68.
 Service Failure, Threat or Opportunity to Engage a Research Shopper? (2019). Journal of Business Administration Research, 2(3), 37-45.
 Is showrooming really so terrible? Start understanding showroomers (2020). Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 54, 102048.
 Retailers, you can get omni-shopper's satisfaction! (2020). Journal of Business Administration Research, 3(4), 24-33.
 COVID-19, the ideal opportunity to move into the Omni-Channel Retailing (2020).
Journal of Textile Science & Fashion Technology, 7(1).
 Consecuencias del comportamiento de compra multicanal del consumidor: Emociones, satisfacción y lealtad (pp. 391-416).
 Factores condicionantes del comportamiento de compra multicanal del consumidor (pp.225-250).
 El comportamiento omnicanal y las rutas de procesamiento de la información.
Webrooming versus showrooming (pp. 237-270).
Within her activity as a researcher, it is worth noting that she belongs to Smart Marketing Advances in Research and Theory, carrying out projects financed by the Spanish government and for private companies.
She also contributes as an evaluator for several prestigious journals. As a result, she has been awarded as the best reviewer of the Spanish Journal of Marketing-ESIC.