Mugdha Keskar is a final-year student pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (honours) at MIT World Peace University, Pune, India. Her areas of interest include Cognitive Neurosciences, Cognitive Sciences and Mental Disorders. Her current research work involves study of mental anxiety of patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Earlier, she had also conducted a study to understand the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on the mental well-being of professionals. She came up with some non-obvious insights and the research paper that she co-authored got published in a peer-reviewed journal. As part of this study, she also came up with a new framework, called JUMA framework, to conduct any study / survey involving impact of COVID-19 lockdown on humans.
Apart from this, Mugdha has been actively involved in bringing Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) and Psychology together. She was involved in training a BERT-based model using Myer-Briggs Personality Type Indicators (MBTI) to come with a system that can predict the personality type of authors given their social media posts.
Mugdha plans to pursue her interests in Cognitive Neuroscience through her higher studies.