My Biography-Mr.Satish Mahadeo Gore ( BA. D.Ed.) From India  My birth date is 16/04/1982.

My birth place is Bansarola. I love my India and all people in the world are my brothers and sisters. I love peace ,truth and non-violence.  My mother name is Latika and father name is Mahadeo.My father was a tailor. My father taught me BA. D.Ed. and made me an ideal teacher. I taught 19 years free an hour free extra classes. I taught 365 days free 1 hour Non stop for five years online/ offline mode. Online within Covid-19 days. My father always encourages me to become like as  Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. My aim was to be a doctor or to be a Scientist. Lastly at the age 38, I became a scientist. Mr.Ankushrao Ambad,Mr.Bharat Bhakare,Mr.Kishor Bhakare,Mr.Handibag Sir,Mr.A.K.Kale Sir gudided me well.I recommended ISRO how to soft land on the moon or any planet?on date 08/09/2019. My educational work is live at

My Educational achievements:

1.Distinguished Primary Teacher Award at IESA December 20 , 2020

2.Research Excellence Award 2020 at

My early research details are as below: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) ISSN: 2319-7064 ResearchGate Impact Factor (2018): 0.28 | SJIF (2018): 7.426

1.ISRO First Indian Space Ship – Soft Lander for Chandrayan 3 the Law of Anti Gravity 10 D Rockets System Researched  Paper ID: SR20220195356 DOI: 10.21275/SR20220195356

2.Research of Albert Einstein E=mc2 is 100% Right Solved with NPAF=c2Xg 2.

Paper ID: SR20219172011 DOI: 10.21275/SR20219172011

  1. India’s First-Advanced Anti Gravity Functional Soft Lander System-Ramayana Pushpak Vision 3rd Eye Paper ID: ART20204334 DOI: 10.21275/ART20204334
  2. First Human being India Steps on the Mars 2022 – First Indian Anti Gravity Space Ship

Paper ID: SR20206191702 DOI: 10.21275/SR20206191702