Dr. MINI K.PAUL ASST.PROF, Department of Biosciences M.E.S College, Marampally, Alwaye-7 Ernakulam DT, Kerala Ph,D in Microbiology Thesis title-Micobial chitinase, Isolation, Purification& Characterisation (2013) Master of Science in Microbiology with First class(2001) Bachelor of Science in Zoology with distinction(1999) NPTEL COURSE -1.INTRODUCTION TO PROTEOMICS (82%) 2. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH COMMUNICATION (86% -TOP 5) 3.BIOENERGETICS OF LIFE PROCESSES(96%-TOP 1) RESEARCH BACKGROUND 20 years of research experience Academic projects of graduate and postgraduate students have been guided A five-year project has been undertaken to analyze water in the Periyar river. ACADEMIC CONTRIBUTIONS PG board of studies member,MG university ,Kottayam Chairman,Chief Examiner & External examiner for MSc Biosciences for last 20 years TECHNIQUES ACQUAINTED WITH • General Biochemistry-Protein isolation, purification, and characterization. • DNA Estimation, RNA Estimation, and Protein Estimation. • Chromatographic Techniques-Thin layer chromatography, Paper chromatography • Blotting Techniques-Western and Southern. • General Microbiology-Biochemical tests, Growth kinetics, Plating Techniques • Tissue culture Techniques • Electrophoresis-PAGE, SDS-PAGE, Agarose electrophoresis for DNA. • Molecular Biology-Isolation of DNA and Plasmid DNA, Transformation, Restriction digestion, Ligation, Blue white assay, PCR. • Immunology – ELISA, Immuno electrophoresis, ODD. . 1. UGC Minor research project titled “Micobial chitinase , Isolation, Purification& Characterisation” has been completed. 2. 2.KSCSTE sanctioned two student projects 1. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Nanobiotechnology:A global Perspective”, March 2012 2. KSCSTE Sponsored National Science Day-February 27, 2013 3. KSCSTE Sponsored International Ozone Day Observance-September 30, 2013 4. UGC Sponsored workshop on “Molecular Identification and Computational Biology”, December 16-20, 2013 5. KSCSTE Sponsored ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME ORGANISED ON December 17-21, 2018 6. Organised KSCSTE Sponsored Science Day Celebrations on February 27 2019 TEACHING EXPERIENCE  Presently working as Asst.Prof. in the Department of Biosciences at M.E.S College, Marampally (Affiliated to M.G.University, Kerala), Alwaye-7, India. Till to the date from Feb 2005.  Guest lecturer in MA College, Kothamangalam And S. B college, Changanasserry Subjects taught. Theory: Microbiology, Metabolism, Molecular biology, Genetics, Animal biotechnology, immunology,Environmental Biotechnology. Practical: Enzymology,Molecular biology ,Plant tissue culture,Environmental biotechnology and Microbiology AREAS OF INTEREST Microbiology, Metabolism, Molecular biology, Genetics, Animal biotechnology, immunology, and Environmental Biotechnology. .