INTERNATIONAL BEST RESEARCHER AWARD in Instrumentation/micro beam analysis

Dr. Masashi Nojima, Ph.D.-engineering, now is a Junior Associate Professor of Engineering, Research Institute of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science. He completed his doctorate in micro-beam analysis with a combination of focused ion beam (FIB) and secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) in 2003. After graduate from Department of Applied Chemistry of Engineering in the University of Tokyo, he became a Research Associate of Professor Yoshimasa Nihei lab in Tokyo University of Science. He has invented shave-off depth profiling by utilizing FIB micro-machining and SIMS. The shave-off depth profiling is powerful to rough structured samples and different interfaces. He applied the shave-off depth profiling for failure analysis of nano-devices: electro-chemical-migration phenomena in IC package. He has firstly visualized electro-chemical-migration in IC package within 10 um pitched electrode in the world in 2005-2008. In 2012 he has developed Ar gas cluster ion beam (GCIB) dynamic SIMS system for polymer depth profiling and imaging. In 2013, his team was nominated for development of a new principle mass analyzer for organic materials from JST-SENTAN program and started developing a new principle mass analyzer.