Maria Cristina Arboleda-Tinay

Maria Cristina Arboleda-Tinay had been in the teaching profession for 18 years at the Faculty of Nursing. At the same time, she is actively involved in scientific affairs, specifically that of research. She had been in several positions like Basic Nursing Department Head, Research Coordinator and currently, the head of the Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment Office.

Maria Cristina had a passion on Research where her career begins after obtaining her Baccalaureate degree in Nursing. She worked with different Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in the field of Research. As a proponent, she loves submitting proposals for research grants ensuring that her research study will have an impact on the lives of many or to the profession where she belongs. Maria Cristina is also the first Filipino to publish a research paper at the Libyan Medical Journal at Tripoli, Libya.
Maria Cristina is a frequent speaker at research forums as well as trainings and symposiums related to Gender and Development (GAD) and Reproductive Health. Her advocacy is on women empowerment.

BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Notre dame University
RN Registered Nurse, Philippines, PRC No. 0313290
MAN Master of Arts in Nursing, Trinity University of Asia

Maria Cristina Arboleda-Tinay, RN, MAN
Quality Assurance & Performance Assessment Head
University of Tripoli – Faculty of Nursing
Tripoli, Libya

Mobile No. +218910127539