She is a sincere, conscientious and dedicated worker with a quiet disposition. She is an academician in the field of Physiotherapy for more than 15 years, with a strong passion for teaching. She possesses strong academic, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. She is a passionate and self- motivated individual with a drive to succeed, having excellent academic and research skills. Her comprehensive way of teaching and motivation of slow learners has paved way for many students to reach greater heights. She has been awarded “Lifetime achievement award” in the year 2020. She is good in dealing with physiotherapy patients in a skilful and amicable way. She is also a qualified psychology degree holder with specialisation in counselling, addressing the issues of school children and teens and render career guidance to them. She is very keen in women counselling, concentrating in the prevention of domestic violence against women. She is an energetic and talented researcher with a strong passion to prove her skill in the field of research. She has published various quality research papers which has been included in the UGC care list. She has also written and published a book in the year 2020. She is closely linked to altruism and highly motivated to engage in selfless acts of humanity, generosity or charity to support the deserving. She has a strong craving to serve the society through her profession by carving the budding students to a greater generation in future to serve mankind.