Academic Qualification :
 Bachelor of pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry from Damascus
university in 1987
 Postgraduate Diploma in industrial pharmacy from Damascus university in
 Member of general body of Damascus pharmacists’ association
 Master degree 93% in pharmacology and phytochemistry from Damascus
university in 2018
 Had achieved international innovative researcher in phytochemistry in 2020.
Practical Experience :
 Since 1994 and still practicing the pharmacy career in my private pharmacy
shop named al nachar at sabee bahrat square damascus .
 A pharmacology teacher in laboratory of kalamoon university from 2014
until now.

 A phytochemistry teacher in laboratory of Damascus university from 2010
until now.
 A pharmacology teacher in laboratory of al Rasheed university from 2018
until now.
 Had published two articles one in jfn journal and the other is in JOJPH