International Golden Research Award In Information Technology and Healthcare

Ketan Gupta is an eminent Research Scientist and an accomplished IT Program Manager at Meta Inc., USA (Facebook), with over 11 years of experience in the information technology, medical, and healthcare industry. His extensive career has been inclined towards research and innovation in the treatment of life-threatening cardiovascular diseases with unmet medical needs. He developed innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning-based statistical models using NLP technology that can be used to predict and assess congenital heart conditions with high accuracy. Ketan received his undergraduate degree in pharmaceutical sciences (India), a master’s degree MBA/PGDM in international business (India), an M.S. degree in the supply chain (USA), and an M.S. degree (Honors) in information technology (USA). He is pursuing his Ph.D. in information technology from the University of the Cumberlands (USA). Ketan is PMP certified by PMI, an IEEE senior member, and a fellow member of the Scholars Academic and Scientific Society. Ketan’s latest research on the early detection of cardiac arrest in newborn babies in the NICU was awarded a research grant by a multispecialty hospital and medical research institute. His strong inclination and perspicacity toward research in the medical and healthcare sector are recognized in addressing the current IT challenges and community welfare.