Conducted research 2020-2023 on characteristics of world coronavirus death regions, focusing on identifiable characteristics and pathway. Ten PowerPoint Presentations created 2020-2021 to WordPress website, followed by seven research articles January 2022 – February 2023 published by variety of scientific journals, and three books in 2023 published by Generis Publishing were developed to summarize and share this research with world scientists. Conclusion determined that pollution not only is responsible for climate change, but pollution reacts with effects of climate change to create deadly coronavirus regions. All aspects of pollution are involved from fossil fuel drilling to refining to combustion, to all forms of transportation on land, sea and air, to all aspects of use of fertilizers from application to volatilization to runoff to residuals in all major food groups. Not only AQI 2.5- and 10-micron pollutants are involved, but sub-micron pollutants too small to be measured by standard AQI analytical techniques are involved. Meteorological temperature inversions concentrate pollutants to enable absorption of coronavirus aerosols to their surfaces in such manner than half-life of virus is days. Jet Streams transport these inter regionally to spread around world. Long term chronic exposure in polluted regions under temperature inversions diminishes immunities and short term acute exposure to virus-laden pollutants leads to deaths of susceptible society. 20 million world excess deaths occurred during the pandemic, 1/3 identified as coronavirus. 21 of 193 United Nations country accounted for 80% of these deaths; 6 countries accounted for 51%. 97% of all coronavirus deaths occurred in countries using the most pesticides. 85% of all deaths occurred in lands abutting the World Seas and Oceans. My goal has been to alert world scientists, government leaders, and industrialists to the real problem. Unless successful, society will repeat the experiences of the coronavirus pandemic over and over.