Harendra Nath Singh is presently working in Forensic Science Laboratory, Kolkata, under the Government of West Bengal, India as a Senior Scientific Officer. He is basically a physical anthropologist turned forensic scientist and his work area is Forensic Podiatry and Forensic Biology with a Master of Science in Physical Anthropology from Vidyasagar University (W.B). Towards the beginning of his career, he underwent nine months of police training at Swami Vivekananda State Police Academy (W.B), and completed Sophisticated Arms Training-IRBN-Durgapur and SOIJ training at NSG training Center,-India before switching over to the forensic field. He has to his credit a double diploma in computer application and he has successfully completed three Forensic Science courses and certification programs viz Crime Scene Investigation, Fingerprint Expert, and Forensic Photography from the International Forensic Science (IFS) platform. He has also obtained training on various topics of forensic science like (i) Investigation and Prosecution of Transnational Crime, (ii) Crime Scene Managements including CCTV Analysis, (iii) Expert Testimony in Criminal Trial (iv) Advancing Justice Through DNA Technology, (v) Imaging and Video Technology (vi) Forensic Examination in Sexual Assault Cases, (vii) Mobile Forensics,(viii) Investigation of Road Accident (ix) Forensic Podiatry (x) Forensic DNA & Serology and other various topics of forensic investigation. He has attended several Forensic training programs, workshops, courses, and conferences and delivered lectures at different institutions in India. Mr. Singh has seventeen years of working experience in different investigation agencies including Forensic Lab. His illustrious career includes four years of working experience in the Arms Force of West Bengal Police and more than seven years of working experience in the Criminal Investigation Department (Investigation wings), and six years of working experience in Forensic Science Laboratory, Kolkata. During his tenure as a forensic scientist, he has examined more than twelve thousand court exhibits and submitted their forensic reports before the courts, and testified as an expert witness for the deposition of the cases as and when summoned by the concerned courts, and visited more than two hundred crime scenes. His nine research articles have been published in different journals on Forensic Science and Health & Nutrition and he is a life-time member of the International Forensic Science & Scholars Academic and Scientific Society. He has also authored MANJARI a collection of Bengali poems that is available online on Amazon and Flipkart. Over the years he has received twelve rewards with a GOOD SERVICE MARKS for his excellent job performance and devotion to his duties. He has received the SAMAJ RATNA Award-2021 for his social works. He has also received the International Best Researcher Award-2022 from ISSN for his research works.