International Best researcher award

I have been involved in the perioperative management of critical cardiac patients undergoing adult and pediatric cardiac surgeries, and their postoperative management, also provides the perioperative care to the emergency cardiac surgeries. I have been doing research work in the field of cardiac anesthesia and cardiac surgery and published more than 70 publications in various national and international journals. The first Ozaki procedure on aortic valve disease patients was performed under my echocardiography and hemodynamic guidance in GIPER in 2022 and appeared in news in various newspapers. I have been teaching and training cardiac anesthesia and transesophageal echocardiography to the MD, DNB, and DM cardiac anesthesia students and other doctors posted in GIPMER from other states as well. I have worked in various positions at various institutes, like HOD anesthesia at GIPMER, HOD cardiac anesthesia at VMMC& SJ Hospital New Delhi, and GIPMER New Delhi, and specialist anesthetist at RML hospital New Delhi. Various New courses have been started under my leadership like DNB neuro anesthesia, and DNB and DM cardiac anesthesia at GIPMER New Delhi. I have been involved in the management of COVID-19 patients and provided non-stop care to other critical cardiac patients even during COVID -19 pandemic peaks. Below is the article selected for this award; Vishnu Datt*, Suman Kashev, Rachna Wadhwa, Shardha Malick, Ehtesham Naqvi, and Saket Aggarwal. Recurrent cardiac arrests due to severe aortic flow obstruction by aortic cannula: a fatal complication. International Surgery Journal Datt V et al. Int Surg J. 2022 Jul;9(7):1371-1374