Dr. Vipin Goel

Dr. Vipin Goel
Senior consultant and Laparoscopic surgeon, Surgical Oncology
Care Hospitals, Hyderabad
Brief profile:
Dr Vipin Goel is one of the leading surgical oncologist with an overall experience of more than 11 years. He is surgeon with exceptional academic excellence. He is a senior consultant and laparoscopic surgeon in Department of Surgical Oncology at Care Hospitals, Hyderabad.
He is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of many types of cancers. His areas of surgical expertise encompass diverse specialties including Head and neck cancers, gastrointestinal cancers, gynaecological cancers, genitourinary cancers, Skin cancers, soft tissue sarcomas and breast oncology including oncoplastic surgeries.
Educational qualification:
· Surgical oncology training from St John’s Medical College, Bangalore in 2015.
· Special training in peritoneal surface malignancy & HIPEC at National cancer institute, Italy in 2019.
Dr Vipin worked as senior consultant and laparoscopic surgeon in the surgical oncology at Basavatarakam Indo American Hospital, Hyderabad. Also, he worked as a Senior Resident in the department of surgical oncology at St Johns Medical College, Bangalore.
Awards and Accomplishments:
• Goel’s technique an innovative laparoscopic technique to reduce complications in endometrial cancer
• Gold medal & fellowship in all India surgeons’ conference at Coimbatore – 2013
• Best paper award in Bangalore surgical society on minimally invasive esophagectomy – 2015
• IBHI Young Innovator Award in Indo-UK Oncology summit, for exceptional work on skin cancers – 2016
• ESMO researcher award at ESMO Asia conference, Singapore – 2017
• Researcher award at peritoneal surface malignancy conference, Paris – 2018
• Best paper award for presentation on breast cancer, NATCON Kolkata– 2019
• ESMO researcher award at ESMO Asia conference, Singapore – 2019
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