Dr. Vaishali Sharma is an award-winning professional and an accomplished energy scientist working in the areas of data science and clean energy development. With over 5 years in both education and industry sectors, Dr. Sharma has experience in resource development, data analytics, team building, project management, and business development. She has successfully managed over 10 multi-institutional oil and gas projects in collaboration with the Government of India, academic institutions, and various Industry partners. Dr. Sharma is a recognized SPE Young professional ambassador lecturer and 2020 IBM Data Science Foundations Specialist. Dr. Sharma is currently serving on the ATCE Program Committee Member/Session Chair, Technical Reviewer Committee of top energy journals (Elsevier, ARMA, and Wiley) and GWIS Honorary Award Member Committee. Dr. Sharma is a revered author and has earned over 12 publications including scientific reports and white papers, one National Award, and five digital badges by IBM. She is a frequent industry speaker and has presented her work and findings at the top energy conferences of India, USA, and UAE.