Dr. Shivam Dang

Dr. Shivam Dang is a reputed medical professional and a budding plastic surgeon renowned for his research work on new developments in the field of medical sciences and surgery. He earned his bachelor’s degree from SSR Medical College, University of Mauritius. After graduating, he completed Masters in General Surgery from Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, India with merit. He is currently pursuing his super specialisation in Plastic Surgery from Army Hospital Research and Referral (R&R), New Delhi, India.He is a life member of “The Association of Surgeons of India (ASI)” and “American association for hand surgery” and a regular participant in leading medical conferences and workshops. He has done various paper presentations and secured leading ranks across various events . One of his exemplary research work from 2019 features a thesis titled “ Sequelae of management of Axilla in breast carcinoma – An observational study”. He is currently actively researching on “Evaluation of outcome of tarsal tunnel release in diabetic foot patients reporting to a tertiary care centre”Besides the above, he has published multiple research papers on Surgical Management. His work (along with co-authors) has been regularly featured across leading Indian and International medical journals, some of which is referenced below:• Surgical management of Axilla – controversy and care .International Surgery Journal 2019 March ; 6 (3).718-723.• Varied uses of bone allograft in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Int Surg J. 2020 Nov;7(11):3773-3777• Skin graft Donor site dressings: still a dilemma . International Journal of surgery and invasive procedures (ISSN : 2640-0820)• Indications and outcome of patients undergoing cutaneous ureterostomy as a mode of urinary diversion after radical cystectomy: an experience from a tertiary care center – Int Surg J. 2018 Sep;5(9):3038-3042• Wound coverage considerations of defects of lower limb : Our experience – Journal of surgery and medicine .