Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
Prof. Dr. Inazumi is currently active worldwide in the field of geotechnical engineering as a
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan.
Prof. Dr. Inazumi has been working on experimental and analytical research relating to the
clarification of the advection and dispersion phenomena of contaminants, the adsorption and
desorption phenomena which relates to movement and transport of contaminants in the ground as a
matrix, and, further, on research activities which utilize the advantage of accepting the capacity size
of the ground, such as the construction, management and utilization techniques of empty lots of
waste landfill sites as broad-based recycle bases, low cost techniques for containment of
contaminated soil, and effective reuse techniques for various industrial waste as ground material,
etc., mainly in order to resolve environmental issues relating to the ground which have become
obvious as a social issue. The issue of movement and transport of contaminants in the ground, which
Prof. Dr. Inazumi is trying to solve, is an important environmental activity for global material and
living being’s circulation, being a form of circulation on a global scale, which plays an important
role and is considered as the key in the circulation of global material and living beings. Therefore,
the investigation, experiment, and analysis techniques relating to the environmental issue of the
ground based on the movement and transport of contaminants, which Prof. Dr. Inazumi has been
building up, will be helpful in resolving the issue of global material circulation that can have an
influence on the global environmental dynamics.
Prof. Dr. Inazumi is also good at communicating the results of his researches and has presented and
published the results of numerous researches at various conferences and in scientific journals
domestically and internationally. It is particularly worth noting that Prof. Dr. Inazumi won the “ICE
Publishing Awards 2020 (Environmental Geotechnics Prize)” from the Institution of Civil Engineers
(ICE) in 2020, and the “MEXT Young Scientists’ Prize” from the Ministry of Education, Culture,
Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2015. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Inazumi has gained a number
of official research promotions. These demonstrate that the innovative and original research
achievements by Prof. Dr. Inazumi have been highly acclaimed domestically and internationally.