Professor (Dr) Rameshwari Thakur graduated (MBBS) and post-graduation (MD Microbiology) from Indira Gandhi Medical college, Shimla, H.P. in 1993. She also did DCH from Al-Fateh University, Tripoli. Libya. She worked in various teaching institutions in India and abroad. She has published about 45 articles in reputed National and International journals. She has around 743 citations. She is also editor of some prestigious National and International journals and participated in various National and International conferences. Being a very dedicated
teacher, she takes keen interest in teaching both undergraduates and post-graduates. One of her mentored students has won the prestigious National and International awards for publishing the maximum number of articles in Globally acclaimed journals. She was actively involved in research in Botswana during HIV/AIDS epidemic from 1999 to 2010. Her fields of interest are: (1)Antibiotic resistance (2) Cryptococcal meningitis and other opportunistic infections in patients with HIV/AIDS and (3) Dermatophytosis. In Botswana, she worked as Specialist Microbiologist, Infection Control Consultant, Institutional Review Board Co-ordinator and Senior Research Microbiologist at National Health Laboratory and Princess Marina Hospital Gaborone. Attended various Workshops, Conferences and Trainings in Gaborone, South Africa and Unites States. She also worked with University of Pennsylvania in Botswana in various research projects, especially related to HIV/AIDS. She was first to report Cryptococcus meningitis due to Cryptococcus gattii from
Botswana. She also assisted and trained various Dermatologists and Residents from different countries about processing various samples for study of Dermatophytes and published many scientific papers on Dermatophytosis She was first to report an outbreak of Dermatophytosis due to Trichophyton mentagrophytes 2016 from Western UP . She has published various papers linked to this outbreak. This outbreak was later confirmed due to T.mentagrophytes ITS genotype VIII by Prof. Sybren de Hoog at
Westerdijkinstitute , Netherlands.