Dr. N. Uday Kumar

Dr. N. Uday Kumar is a General surgeon currently working as a consultant in Chettinad medical college, Chennai.


MBBS: S.V. Medical college, Tirupati.

MS in General surgery in JSS medical college, Mysuru


1) HONEY – Old wine in new bottle: A surgically viable antibacterial and anti inflammatory fixator

2) Duplicated Appendix presenting as Acute Abdomen in 16 year old with both appendix

inflamed- A rare case report.


1) Comparison of TIRADS with histopathology in assessment of thyroid nodules in Chettinad Hospital, A Retrospective Study. Asicon 2020 Vishakapatnam

2) Comparative study of Skin graft uptake using sterilised honey as skin fixator with Platelet Rich
plasma . Asicon 2018 Chennai

3) Comparative study of Skin graft uptake using sterile honey as skin fixator with Conventional
fixation with sutures. Asicon 2018 Chennai

4) External Auditory canal- an unusual site for Basal cell carcinoma- A rare interesting case
Asicon 2018 Jaipur

5) Comparative study of PRP versus Saline dressings in Diabetic foot ulcers
Asicon 2018 Chennai

6) Nasogastric Decompression in Laparoscopic cholecystectomy- is it necessary????
Asicon 2017 Jaipur

7) Challenges in early diagnosis of celiac artery compression syndrome: a case report
Asicon 2017 Jaipur

8) Pseudo cyst of pancreas presenting with left sided varicocele – rare case report
Asicon 2017 Jaipur


1) Comparative study of Midline closure of abdomen by Modified smear jones technique with Conventional Abdomen closure

2) Role of tranexemic acid in early drain removal in ventral Hernia repair

I’m Interested in General surgery and I want to make it much more interesting by innovating new techniques and procedures in both open and laparoscopic surgeries so that it helps the future Generations to continue as a General surgeon than taking super speciality as a career option.

I’m passionate in teaching the ug and pg students and actively involve in all the teaching activities and I like to update myself.

I want the society to be fit, healthy and happy. I wish to deliver my true services to all the people regardless of any bias or selfishness. I’m interested in conducting medical camps, awareness programmes and provide free treatment to the senior citizens.

What makes me unique is the way I inspire the patients with my words which give them strength to fight from within against the disease. To go above and beyond to serve the suffering individuals to give them a new life.