Professor Karuna Priyachitra is an esteemed academic professional with over 12 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. She currently serves as the Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmacology, at Tagore college of pharmacy Rathinamangalam Chennai where she imparts her extensive knowledge and expertise to aspiring students. Professor Priyachitra has completed Doctorate from Krishna University, Machilipatnam, AndhraPradesh. This strong academic foundation has equipped her with a deep understanding of pharmaceutical sciences in the field of pharmacology and a solid basis for her career achievements. Throughout her illustrious career, Professor Priyachitra has actively engaged in both national and international seminars and workshops and published more than 30 Research and review articles in National & International Peer reviewed Journal , couple of Books were published and two patents were add on to her academic credit. These opportunities have allowed her to share her valuable research findings, collaborate with distinguished experts in the field, and stay at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in pharmaceutical sciences. Her passion for continuous learning and her commitment to professional development are evident in her active participation in these events. As the Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmacology, Professor plays a pivotal role in shaping the education and research landscape. Her wealth of experience and expertise enable her to guide and mentor students, instilling in them a passion for excellence and a deep understanding of pharmacological activities of drugs. Her specialization in Pharmacology further enhances her ability to provide invaluable insights to students pursuing this field. With her extensive experience, active engagement in academic forums and unwavering commitment to research, Professor Priyachitra is widely recognized as a highly esteemed academic professional. Her remarkable contributions to the field of pharmaceutical sciences make her a valuable asset in shaping the future of the discipline.