Dr. Kakuro Amasaka was born in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, on May 5, 1947. He received a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Hachinohe National College of Technology, Hachinohe, Japan, in 1968, and a Doctor of Engineering degree specializing in Precision Mechanical and System Engineering, Statistics and Quality Control from Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan, in 1997. After joining Toyota Motor Corp., Japan, in 1968, Dr. Amasaka worked as a quality management consultant for many divisions. He was an engineer and manager of the Production Engineering Div., Quality Assurance Div., Overseas Engineering Div., Manufacturing Div., and TQM Promotion Div. (1968-1997), and the General Manager of the TQM Promotion Div. (1998-2000). Dr. Amasaka became a professor of the College of Science and Engineering, and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan in April 2000. Now, he is a professor emeritus of Aoyama Gakuin University (2016- present). His specialties include: production engineering (Just in Time and Toyota Production System), statistical science, multivariate analysis, reliability and information processing. Recent research conducted includes: Science SQC, New Quality Control Principle; Science TQM, New Quality Management Principle; New JIT, New Management Technology Principle; New Manufacturing Theory, Customer Science principle, Kansei Engineering, numerical simulation, R & D, Product Development and Design, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Supply Chains Management. Positions in academic society and important posts: He is the author of a number of papers on strategic total quality management, as well as the convener of Journal of Japanese Society for Quality Control, Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association, and others. He has been serving as the vice chairman of the Japanese Society for Production Management (2003-2007) and Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association (2008-2010), the director of Japanese Society for Quality Control (2001-2003), the president of Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association (2011-2012), the commissioner of the Deming Prize judging committee (2002-2013), and the director of the Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association (2013-present). Now, he is inaugurated as the representatives of the Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association establishment (2008-present). Patents and Prizes: He acquired 72 patents concerned with production and quality control systems, and engineering and measurement technology. He is a recipient of the Aichi Invention Encouragement Prize (1991), Nikkei Quality Control Literature Prizes (1992, 2000, 2001and 2010), Quality Technological Prizes (JSQC, 1993 and 1999), Statistical Quality Control Prize (Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, 1976), Japanese Society of Kansei Engineering Publishing Prize (2002), Higashi Kuninomiya Culture Prize (2016), Higashi Kuninomiya Commemoration Prize (2017), Albert Nelson Marquis Achievement Award (2017), Higashi Kuninomiya Peace Prize (2021), International Research Award on New Science Inventions (ScienceFather, Best Researcher Award 2022), and others (e.g. Outstanding Paper Award, International Conference on Management and Information Systems, 2013).