Designed and developed Artificial Intelligence models for the detection of brain diseases using drosophila flies images. Designed two Artificial Intelligence deep learning neural network architectures for Heart Disease and Breast Cancer prediction systems. In Ph.D, designed a number of Artificial Intelligence models for the recognition of species of flowers in videos. Published research papers in Journals such as Artificial Intelligence, International Journal of Hybrid Intelligence Systems, and Elsevier and a good number of International conferences. Captured 7788 flower videos of different species of videos of flowers and contributed to the nation. Received best paper award in the ICECMSN Conference at Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore in 2020. Top performer at HCL Technologies in 2021. Appreciation in conduction and organization of various research activities in 103rd Indian Science Congress conference at University of Mysore in the year of 2016. Working as a Technical Lead at HCL Technologies and contributing in research. Member, Board of Studies in Computer Science in Govt. of Karnataka (Maharani’s Science College for Women) in the year of 2019-2021. Member, Board of Examination at University of Mysore in 2017.