Dr. Ishan Y. Pandya Ph.D

Sr. Lecturer 10 Jan. 2019-Present
Aakash Educational Services Limited, Ahmedbad, Gujarat.

Lecturer May 2018-Dec. 2018
Department of Biology
GK Dholakiya School, Rajkot

Sr.Faculty & Head April 2015-May 2018
Department of Medical Biology
Dedicated Academy Pvt. Ltd. Jamnagar, Gujrat, India
Junior Research Fellow 2010-2015
Gujarat Ecological Education and Research (GEER) Foundation.
Education Doctor of Science (Honoris causa) 2020
Ecology (Biotechnology)- International Agency for Standards and
Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology 2014
Thesis Title ”Quantification of Carbon Sinks and its emission due
to human consumption in Forest areas of the Dangs and Valsad
Districts in Gujarat State”
Shri Jagdish Prasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University (JJTU),
Rajasthan, India
M.B.A. in Biotechnology 2016
A.M.I.I. Pebble hills university, USA.

M.Sc. in Biotechnology 2010
Thesis Title ”Expression and Purification of Recombinant Proteins
Interferon- in E. coli.” at Torrent Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.,
Sardar Patel University (SPU), Gujarat, India.

B.Sc. in Biotechnology 2008
AMCOST College, Sardar Patel University (SPU), Gujarat

H.S.S.C specialization: Biology 2005
Maharawal Higher Secondary School, Rajasthan
Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE), Rajasthan

Secondary School specialization: Science 2003
St. Patricks School, Rajasthan
Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE), Rajasthan


To use the biotechnology in biodiversity conservation.
The study of medicinal plants for human welfare.

Patent • Intelligent Virus detection Biochip. Dr. Bandaru Nagaraju,
Dr. N. Ramamurthy, Dr. V. Vijaya Kishore, Dr. R. Raman
Goud, Dr. Ishan Y. Pandya, Dr. Vrushsen Purushottam Pawar.
Intellectual Property India (IPR), Govt.of India. PAN:202041023019.
• Virus Killer Liquid-Powder: Herbal disinfectant (liquid, powder)
for pandemic condition. (COVID-19). Dr. Ishan Y. Pandya,
Dr. Amit Kumar Keshari, Dr. Rohin Garg, D. Lavanya, Dr.
Sandeep Kumar Shukla, Dr. Shikha Shrivastava. Intellectual
Property India (IPR), Govt. of India. 202021027441.

Books and

• Year-2017: Ecological Significance of forests and Economic development
on it in the Valsad Forest Circle of Gujarat. Kamboj R.D.,
Pathak B.J., Rajpurohit S., Yadav R.S., Mewada K., Pandya
I.Y., Patel D., Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation,
Forest and Environment Department, Govt. of Gujarat.

• Year-2017: Significance of Tropical woods of Southern Gujarat.
Pandya, I.Y. Lulu Publications. USA. ISBN 978-1-387-21570-6.

• Year- 2018: Bioscience, A Comprehensive Study. Pandya I.Y.,
Pandya M. I., Magnolia Publications, India. ISBN:978-93-88397-

• Year-2020: Molecular and applied endocrinology. Pandya I.Y.,
Verma V.K., Manglam Publications, India. ISBN : 978-93-86123-

• Year-2020: Plant Biology. Pandya I.Y., Mewada K., Yadav R.S.,
Whitecoast Book Publishers, India. ISBN: 978-81-19404-747


• Survey of Physical Impacts of Conservation Measures in Seven
Protected Areas of Gujarat.
• Ecological Significance of forests and Economic dependence on
it in Junagadh, Vadodara, Surat and Valsad Forest Circles of
Gujarat state.

• Assessment of carbon storage potential of forest areas of Gujarat


1. Pandya I.Y., Yadav R.S., Dosi H.V., Salvi H.D., ”Study of
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2. Pandya I.Y., Yadav R.S., ”Assessing Carbon Sink Potential in
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3. Pandya I.Y., Yadav R.S., ”Phyto-Sociological Study of Seedless
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4. Yadav R.S., Pandya I.Y., Jangid M.S., ”Estimating Status
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6. Pandya I.Y., ”Expression and Purification of Recombinant
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10. Pandya I.Y., Salvi H., Chahar O., ”Carbon Storage: Eight
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11. Pandya I.Y., ”Estimation of carbon storage in Mitragyna
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12. Assessment of Economic Benefits Flowing from Collection
of Non Wood Forest Products in South Dangs Forest Division,
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13. Estimated Collection And Valuation Of Non-Wood Forest
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and National

• National Youth Science Conference for Sustainable Development
10th Annual Awards Presentation Ceremony-2020
Bioenergy for better tomorrow. NYSCSD 2020. Scientific abstracts.
TNSRO. pg. No. 14. ISBN: 978-81-934644-6-5.

• International Conference 2012
Paper presentation: Shri Jagdish Prasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala
University, Rajasthan, India
• National Conference 2011
On Trends in Biological Sciences at Sardar Patel University.
• National Conference 2009
On Frontiers in Biological Sciences at Sardar Patel University.
• National Conference 2006
Scientist fascinates to you most Sponsored by Gujarat Integrated
Bio Network [GIBioN] and Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission
[GSBTM], at Naranlala college, Navsari, Gujarat.


• Year-2020: Certificate of Excellence in Teaching – 9th Science
and Technology Awards-20. EET-CRS. Education Expo.tv. Research
Branding Company, Bangalore, India.

• Year-2020: Certificate of Appreciation in Biotechnology, ISO
9001-2020, Human Rights Education Association, Gujarat, India.

• Year-2020: “Best Senior Faculty Award 2020-2021” , ISO 9001-
2015, Novel Research Academy, Puducherry -India.
• Year-2020: Har Gobind Khorana Best Young Scientist Award in
Biotechnology, Bose Science Society, India.

• Year-2020: Young Scientist Award, IAARHIES. The Society for
Academic Research.

• Year-2020: Best Scientist Award, Biotechnology. International
Multidisciplinary Research Foundation.

• Year-2020: ”Best Faculty Teaching Research Award”. Amaravathi
Research Academy.

• Protecting Human Research Participants Sponsored by National
Institute of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research, USA.

• Research Methods and Application of Statistics for Biological
Science Students. Sponsored by Indian Council of Medical Research
(ICMR), National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH), India
• Research Methodology and Application of SPSS on Data Analysis.
CSIR-Ganpat University, Gujarat 2013
• National Paper Presentation Competition: Saffrony Institute of
Technology, Gujarat 2013
• Annual Quiz Competition, AMCOST certificate. 2013
• Poster Presentation: Environment: Inner-wheel club Anand Round
Town certificate 2007
• Artificial Blood cells-Scientist fascinates to you most: Seminar
Presentation 1st Position, AMCOST College at Anand, Gujarat

National and

• Fellow, Bose Science Society, TNSRO. India.
• Fellow, International Science Community Association. India.
• Member: International Society for Environmental Sciences (ISEIS).
• Member: International Association of Bioinformatics and Biomedical
Engineering (IACSIT). Singapore.
• Members: International Association of Engineers (IAENG). China.
• Reviewer: International Journal of Life Sciences Research. India.
• Reviewer: Advance in Agriculture and Biology. Pakistan.

Appointments • In year 2013, Appointed as Subject Specialist Ecology in People
Biodiversity Register development by GEER Foundation, Gujarat
State Biodiversity Board and Gujarat Forest Department, Govt.
of Gujarat.
• In year 2013-15, Appointed as ”Resource Person-Flora” for Nature
Education Camps by GEER Foundation. Delivered the lectures
in Life Sciences to the Graduate and Post-Graduate students of
various Universities and Institutes.

Technical skill • MS-OFFICE, SPSS, Mendley Desktop, Copernicus, Refwork,

Internet etc