Dr.Himendra Balalle

Dr.Himendra Balalle is an eminent Lecturer in research methodology and a business consultant in a reputed conglomerate in Asia Pacific region. He is a Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing Diplomat and holds Certified Professional Marketer’s status from the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation. He is a Business Management graduate of Duham University. He completed his Master of Business Management with Vinayak Missions University by specializing in Marketing. He also got his Doctorate from the University of Sheffield in the marketing stream and his second Doctorate in Educational leadership at IIC University of Technology. He is a member of Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing and Organization of Professional Association of Sri Lanka.

Wide range of research studies carried out related to business management and Education discipline including An analytical study of the consumer’s perception of household, Commodities in a virtual market place, Consumer attitude survey in Men’s wear brands, Survey in Sports brands & cleaning Product Market, A study on dyes & chemicals related accident to improve the productivity of thread exports, Skills shift with fourth Industrial Revolution-IJARIIT(India), The impact of social media on the student academic achievement- IJARIIT (India), The Impact of New Technological Changes to the Marketing Strategy Formulation -IJCTT (India). Impact of Education Technology in Teaching and Learning -EJRRES( UK), Re-design the Classroom for Online Learning(IJIRSET)New Technologies and the Challenge for Educational Leadership- IJARR(UK). He is an Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology – IJCTT published by Seventh Sense Research Group-India.

Paper articles

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