” Dr Grishma Vijaykumar Kulkarni is working as Assistant Professor in Medical Microbiology department at MNR medical college and hospital, Sangareddy, Telangana state, India. My total experience in microbiology is 10 years. I am very much interested in academics and I do teach technicians, nurses, postgraduate and DNB students including NRI students very enthusiastically. I do guide post graduate and M.Sc students .
Equivalently, I do look after clinical microbiology laboratory reports and do suggest the right antibiotic therapy, especially for nonresponding medical conditions and thus helps in better survival of the patients and hence I admire my subject with great reverence.
I had delivered speeches as state guest speaker on Urichrome II: New Chromogenic medium for urine, Disinfection and sterilization of instruments and as national speaker on Role of Flash sterilization in operation theatre. and as a international speaker on the gut brain axis.

To date, total 7 scientific papers in national and 3 in international journals are published. Out of them, research article entitled Susceptibility of the deviants published in Journal of Microbiology and Experimentation (.2019;7(6):306-308.) was as praised by lot by the editorial team as the article deserves its place on the JMEN’s bookshelf. This articles states about the testing of unrecommended antibiotics against bacterial isolates and compliance of the patients to the forbidden antibiotics by CLSI guidelines.

I think knowledge is the vaccine that keeps you away from the flu of misery.”