Being an influential academician(Associate Professor) and innovative researcher ,I have been teaching Rachana Sharir and Research Methodology and Medical Statistics subject since last 6 and 5 years.I have completed my MD degree in Rachana Sharir(Anatomy) , now I am doing Rachana Sharir(Anatomy) at Sumatibhai Shah ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Pune, Maharashtra, India, affiliated with Maharashtra university of health sciences, nashik. I have been a member (Media publicity coordinator) of Ayurveda teacher association, Pune since 2018,Faculty Member of (HSET and RM) (Health Sciences Education Technology and Research Methodology), MUHS, IMETTT (Institute of Medical Education Technology and Teachers Training), Nashik, Maharashtra. I had received 01State level(Sahyadri Shikshan Ratna Puraskar- 2020), 03 National level( Best M.D. (sharir) dissertation/ thesis award in 2015, Best paper presenter II prize Ph.D Scholar 2019,Best paper presenter II prize 2019 and now 01 International level (International best researcher -2022 )awards. I had published 13 national and international research publications , out of which 3 international publications are indexed in Scope database. I had Worked as Organizing Secretary of International webinar, as a Organizing committee member of International/National seminars ,webinars, CME etc, appointed as Surveillance officer for monitoring of pulse polio immunization campaign at Bhandara circle in national polio surveillance project-india, as a Webinar Coordinator in national webinar, CME etc, worked as Grievance redressal committee member. I had presented 9 Papers/Poster in various national and international seminars and workshops and participated in various national and international webinars, conferences as a delegate. Eventually, I would love to continue my journey of innovation and teaching in my faculty for the rest of my life.