Dr.Batuk Diyora

Dr.Batuk Diyora is Professor (Additional) at Department of Neurosurgery at LTM Medical Collage and Sion Hospital, Mumbai.

He is visiting Consultant Neurosurgeon at Jaslok Hospital & Research Center and Fortis Raheja Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai.

He is a Faculty for Microneurovascular Neurosurgery at Ethicon Institute of Surgical Education. Mumbai.

He is Maharashtra University of Health Science Post Graduate Teacher and an Examiner for MCh and DNB Neurosurgery.

He joined Neurosurgery Residency at LTM Medical College and LTMG Hospital sion in the year 2002 and completed his Neurosurgical training in the year 2005. He obtained his DNB Degree in Neurosurgery from National Board of Examination New Delhi. After completing his basic Neurosurgery training, he visited Fujita Health University, Japan for Advanced Training in Neurosurgery under guidance of Prof. Tetsuo Kanno, and Prof. Yoko Kato.

He has been working at Sion hospital for the fifteen years. During this period he has gained extensive experience in the management of common neurosurgical problems like Head Trauma, Spine Trauma, Brain tumors, Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis (Lumbar PID), Hydrocephalus, and Intracerebral Hematomas (Brain haemorrhage).

His area of special interest is Cerebrovascular Disorders which includes Haemorrgic and Ischaemic strokes that can be managed by open surgery and percutaneously with Endovascular Techniques. He obtained advanced training for the surgical treatment of aneurysms, AVMs and carotid stenosis from the legendary cerebrovascular surgeons Dr. Hirotoshi Sano, Japan and Dr. Robert Spetzler, U.S.A. He also obtained hands-on experience for endovascular management of these problems (coiling of aneurysms, embolization of AVMs, thrombolysis and stenting for carotid stenois) from Prof. Pedro Lylyk, South America, at ENERY Institute of Neuroradiology. His other areas of special interest include Endoscopic Neurosurgery, Stereotactic Neurosurgery, and Functional Neurosurgery which includes management of patients with Intractable Pain.
He has developed expertise in the management of following Neurosurgical problems,

Cerebrovascular disease (clipping of aneurysms, excision of AVMs, carotid endarterectomy)
Cervical &lumbar degenerarative disease (Cervical and Lumbar PID)
Spinal Instrumentation (for tuberculosis, AAD, fractures and dislocations)
Skullbase surgery (Acoustic neurinoma, Pituitory tumor, craniopharyngioma, microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia)
Endovascular surgery (coiling of aneurysm, embolization of AVM, thrombolysis, carotid angioplasty and steting)
Endoscopic surgery (Pituitory tumors, craniopharyngioma, third ventriculostomy, diskectomy, tumor biopsy, CSF leak repair)
Stereotactic surgery

For further detail,
Dr. Batuk Diyora can be contacted on 098209 86061/ 9920306061
E-mail adress:bddiyora@gmail.com