Ali AKKOUCHE was born in 3rd march 2020 in the north of Algeria in one of 48 provinces called
Boumerdes. He is married and has a two beautiful daughters.
Thanks to his great passion for science, he combined between his work and science and inspire from
work many ideas and try to get some practical solution for his work problem.
He joint Materials, Processes and Environment Research Unit (URMPE), Faculty of Technology,
University of Boumerdes, Algeria and become an active member in this unit and contribute on many
scientific work.
He got his first diploma on Structural materials on 2010 with a good mention and his first work under
thematic ‘’effect of superplastizers in rheological behavior of cement pastes.
He worked as materials engineer for two years who is learned many practical in characterization of
mineral materials and quality supervisor. After this experience, he decided to join a great company in
oilfield as drilling fluids engineer ‘’Newpark company’’ and explore the oil and gas industry.
After this experience, he decided to return back to the university of Boumerdes in Algeria on 2012 to
prepare his master’s degrees with new project ‘’incorporation of Bentonite in Kcl/Polymers mud as
cake support on dehydrated clay’’, and start a new challenge with MISWACO a Schlumberger
company on 2013 and URMPE on 2014 as an active researcher. With slb, he learned new concept on
management of quality and QHSE. He worked in oilfield “Drilling operation and work over”.
On 2014, decided to complete a post-gradient study and prepare his Phd in science and Materials
Engineering. His experience helped him to choose a recent study to substitute an Oil based mud with
another environmental friendly and with the same efficiency.
On 2015, he joined a Baroid Algeria and worked for him till present as senior drilling fluids engineer
in one hand, and as active researcher with URMPE –faculty of Technology, university of Boumerdes
in anther hand.
His work with great company in oil and gas industry enabled him to learn many qualification as
logistics, QHSE, languages (English) and planed work.