Anikpati Roy is a highly accomplished individual hailing from the pristine and beautiful north eastern region of India, specifically from Tripura. He is an academician with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of English literature and linguistics, having completed his master’s degree from the prestigious Tripura University. Currently, he is pursuing his B.Ed degree from IASE, Kunjaban, which is a highly reputed institute known for its academic excellence. Anikpati is a man of diverse interests and passions, with a particular penchant for translation studies. His keen interest in this field has led him to undertake extensive research and analysis on various aspects of translation, including its history, theories, and practices. Through his tireless efforts, Anikpati has become an expert in the field of translation studies, with a deep understanding of its nuances and complexities. In addition to his academic pursuits, Anikpati is also an avid music enthusiast, with a deep appreciation for various genres of music. He is a keen listener and an accomplished musician himself, having developed a unique style of his own that combines traditional and contemporary elements. His music is a reflection of his eclectic tastes and his deep passion for creativity and expression.