Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar from Bapudham Motihari Bihar India a beautiful city also known as Champaran. I reflect a varied Personality including ambition and qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. I am also determined and vigorous individual yet pleasantly calm. I encourage fighting for what you desire and believe in and doing it through god because nothing great easy and with god everything is possible.
I have completed MTech in computer Science at Jaipur National university and been awarded highest score of the academic. Currently I’m IT entrepreneur motivated by work and learning new Technology succeeding as I stive to become an outstanding and a successful man in today’s society.
This is my first research paper that has been recognized and accepted by ISSN for Research Vibhushan award 2021. The Research paper intitle as “BIG DATA PREDICATION FRAMWORK FOR WEATHER TEMPEATURE BASED ON MAPREDUCE ALGORITHM”.
Research Work:
Weather is the most critical for human in many aspects of life. The study and knowledge of how weather Temperature evolves over time in some location or country in the world can be beneficial for several purposes. Processing, Collecting and storing of huge amounts of weather data is necessary for accurate prediction of weather. Meteorological departments use different types of sensors such as temperature, humidity etc. to get the data. The sensors volume and velocity of data in each of the sensor make the data processing time consuming and complex. This project aims to build analytical Big Data prediction framework for weather temperature based on MapReduce algorithm. Information Mining Package, can perform administered grouping methodology on immense measures of information, normally alluded as large information, on a conveyed framework utilizing Hadoop MapReduce. The Framework has arrangement calculations actualized, taken from Support Vector Machines (SVM). The aftereffects of an exploratory examination utilizing a SVM classifier on informational collections of various sizes for various bunch designs like K-Means shows the capability of the apparatus, just as perspectives that influence its execution.