Dr. Atsushi Ohbuchi received the Doctor of Engineering (2009) in analytical chemistry from Meiji University, Japan. He is a Senior Scientist of Rigaku Corporation in the field of analytical chemistry using X ray diffraction , X ray fluorescence Spectrometry , total reflection X ray fluorescence spectrometry and small angle X ray scattering. He is using mainly X ray analysis techniques in addition to other instrumental techniques such as gamma ray spectrometry for comprehending characteristics of some materials, especially, environment and functional materials which are environmental water, municipal solid waste fly ash, soil , mineral , oil, polymer, metal, cement, refractory and etc . Besides , pharmaceutical materials are one of the research materials for comprehending characteristics. Dr.Ohbuchi is developing analytical method s for some materials and synthetic method of inorganic materials by combining knowledge of inorganic chemistry, synthetic chemistry, crystallography and so on. He has concern for the development of new X ray instruments and he had participated in the development of X ray instruments. He was a part time lecture at Meiji University to teach his specialty for 5 years.